Social Media Marketing

I specialize in leveraging the power of  content–the foundation of your brand voice, to amplify your audience and customer base.  However, there is a method to the madness of social media. First and foremost, don’t let ‘recent unfollowers’ phase you.

It’s probably the most difficult challenge–besides investing time and learning to speak in acronyms and hashtags. #OMG.

Here’s a quick run-down on social media marketing.

First and foremost, likes = influence.

  • The number of likes you have represents your authority to potential customers.
  • It represents your brand’s authenticity.
  • It validates your mission and brand quality.
  • Its an indicator of whether or not you should be in people’s feeds.

Yes, people do judge a book by its cover, or in this case–a company by its likes.

Getting likes, though? Not easy. Especially if you’re not starting out with a strong network or partaking in trade shows. It can be challenging.

Quick tip: Don’t give into buying traffic–ever. It’s not quality and could end up adversely affecting you in the long-run because social media, like Google, has a ranking algorithm, too. It’s not JUST about likes–its about engagement from your audience and the permanency of their like.

And man, oh, man, social media marketing is time-consuming, indeed.

So it’s important you spend your time wisely.

Self-promoting will drive anyone away. Whether you’re friends with a self-promoter (#selfiequeens) or a customer of one. 

As a business, there is a formula to what type of content you share, how you share it and when you share it. Aside from the 80/20 rule, your strategy should be crafted by analytics tools, research, testing, more research and time. LOTS of time.

It requires reading your target audience’s social media, devising a focused-strategy, speaking in a voice the audience finds engaging, and sharing content that is high-quality and helpful. 

It takes patience. Let the wick burn and watch the flame grow.

When your audience is sharing and talking about your content–it’s like free advertising.

But don’t expect them to do all the talking. Talk about them too. The worst thing a prospective customer can see is a company who doesn’t engage with customers or like their posts, too. Invest in your audience and they will invest in you.

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