SEO Consultant

The waters of SEO have been muddied in the last few years. Most clients I speak with have usually spent thousands with marketers promising them viral appeal with little or no results. With a child’s handful of likes on social media, they think SEO is like that lollipop with the white wrapper and question marks on it–it must be a mystery.

But it’s not.

SEO is fundamentally simple if you take the time to understand its purpose. It’s not to make YOU money. It’s to make an interesting engagement for people on the internet. If they are interested, they will engage.

Search Engine Optimization is not a ‘secret’. It’s not a complicated formula. It’s simply a euphemism for how valuable your audience views you. Sure, your product, services and mission matter, but what are you doing to share your quality with others and how is their experience when you do? Search engines can tell how well you’re doing.

SEO centers around content. Content is KING.

When done correctly–without black-hatting or ‘buying’ traffic, SEO is the fuel of traffic. If you have quality content, both on your site and on your blogs and that content is engaging and helpful….you’re golden.

Using tools like SEMRush and Google Analytics, you can easily identify what topics people are interested in, and what is working for competitors. Couple that information with a responsive website that offers simplified navigation, and you’ve got the only foundation you need to begin driving traffic.

Once you start fueling the traffic, you can supplement your strategy with other stratagems like paid ads.

The biggest issue I see is impatience.

Driving traffic to your site takes patience. It takes some trial and error. It takes getting to know your audience so they want to get to know you.

When your brand begins to grow, you’ll see doing it the ‘right’ way is the best fertilizer for your growth.

If you’d like information on SEO fundamentals, tools, and tips to optimize your brand’s exposure and reputation, take a peek at my free e-book SEO Bootcamp.

While I am certified in Google Analytics and Social Media Marketing, my understanding of SEO is owed to mostly to hands-on experience (and patience.)