Tara Mapes

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by, I’m Tara Mapes, an SEO consultant, digital marketer, journalist for news stations nationwide, published author, corporate writer, featured author on LinkedIn as well as an award-winning blogger.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and certifications in Compliance, SOX, Human Resources, Social Media Marketing, Web Design and Epic Systems.


My Digital & Content Marketing, SEO and Journalism career expands across multiple industries with concentrations in legal, healthcare and nutrition industries. However, I’ve also researched, written about, and developed marketing strategies for products and services such as wire pallet racking and eco-friendly cleaning-yes, I figured out how to make those things interesting.

In other words, I have no boundaries.

I have authored, illustrated, and published five books in my career while refining digital and branding strategies, corporate voices and engagement internationally.

Additionally, I am a highly analytical compliance, IT, and legal professional with experience in litigation management, auditing, legislative research and writing, contract negotiation, impact analysis, business presentation, process improvement, Epic Systems® build, as well as system development and testing

This multi-faceted marriage of skills and experience composes depth in my marketing stratagems and breadth in my bandwidth.

To learn a little more about me, keep on scrollin’, my friend.










Content Writer

I am your voice. I engage your customers and target markets by wordsmithing copy that sings your brand voice.  I compose engaging digital content and corporate blogs to improve enterprise SEO through boosted traffic, social shares, decreased bounce rates and conversions.

I transform online tone, engagement, and customer reach by penning pithy webpages, business blogs, and captivating articles to keep your readers engaged, sharing, and coming back for more.

To validate quality, engagement and efficacy of content, I utilize SEO tools including Wordstream, Yoast, SEMRush, and Google Analytics.

View my portfolio here.

SEO Consultant

The waters of SEO have been muddied in the last few years. Most clients I speak with have usually spent thousands with marketers promising them viral appeal with little or no results. With a child’s handful of likes on social media, they think SEO is like that lollipop with the white wrapper and question marks on it–it must be a mystery.

But it’s not.

SEO is fundamentally simple if you take the time to understand its purpose. It’s not to make YOU money. It’s to make an interesting engagement for people on the internet. If they are interested, they will engage.

Search Engine Optimization is not a ‘secret’. It’s not a complicated formula. It’s simply a euphemism for how valuable your audience views you. Sure, your product, services and mission matter, but what are you doing to share your quality with others and how is their experience when you do? Search engines can tell how well you’re doing.

SEO centers around content. Content is KING.

When done correctly–without black-hatting or ‘buying’ traffic, SEO is the fuel of traffic. If you have quality content, both on your site and on your blogs and that content is engaging and helpful….you’re golden.

Using tools like SEMRush and Google Analytics, you can easily identify what topics people are interested in, and what is working for competitors. Couple that information with a responsive website that offers simplified navigation, and you’ve got the only foundation you need to begin driving traffic.

Once you start fueling the traffic, you can supplement your strategy with other stratagems like paid ads.

The biggest issue I see is impatience.

Driving traffic to your site takes patience. It takes some trial and error. It takes getting to know your audience so they want to get to know you.

When your brand begins to grow, you’ll see doing it the ‘right’ way is the best fertilizer for your growth.

If you’d like information on SEO fundamentals, tools, and tips to optimize your brand’s exposure and reputation, take a peek at my free e-book SEO Bootcamp.

While I am certified in Google Analytics and Social Media Marketing, my understanding of SEO is owed to mostly to hands-on experience (and patience.)




Social Media Marketing

I specialize in leveraging the power of  content–the foundation of your brand voice, to amplify your audience and customer base.  However, there is a method to the madness of social media. First and foremost, don’t let ‘recent unfollowers’ phase you.

It’s probably the most difficult challenge–besides investing time and learning to speak in acronyms and hashtags. #OMG.

Here’s a quick run-down on social media marketing.

First and foremost, likes = influence.

  • The number of likes you have represents your authority to potential customers.
  • It represents your brand’s authenticity.
  • It validates your mission and brand quality.
  • Its an indicator of whether or not you should be in people’s feeds.

Yes, people do judge a book by its cover, or in this case–a company by its likes.

Getting likes, though? Not easy. Especially if you’re not starting out with a strong network or partaking in trade shows. It can be challenging.

Quick tip: Don’t give into buying traffic–ever. It’s not quality and could end up adversely affecting you in the long-run because social media, like Google, has a ranking algorithm, too. It’s not JUST about likes–its about engagement from your audience and the permanency of their like.

And man, oh, man, social media marketing is time-consuming, indeed.

So it’s important you spend your time wisely.

Self-promoting will drive anyone away. Whether you’re friends with a self-promoter (#selfiequeens) or a customer of one. 

As a business, there is a formula to what type of content you share, how you share it and when you share it. Aside from the 80/20 rule, your strategy should be crafted by analytics tools, research, testing, more research and time. LOTS of time.

It requires reading your target audience’s social media, devising a focused-strategy, speaking in a voice the audience finds engaging, and sharing content that is high-quality and helpful. 

It takes patience. Let the wick burn and watch the flame grow.

When your audience is sharing and talking about your content–it’s like free advertising.

But don’t expect them to do all the talking. Talk about them too. The worst thing a prospective customer can see is a company who doesn’t engage with customers or like their posts, too. Invest in your audience and they will invest in you.

Check out some of my social media content and graphics in my portfolio


I am a dying breed. I am your truly objective journalist. I am the writer without any motivation but to seek the truth. The truth I seek is not from sources’ mouths–but from evidence and facts. When I am convinced, I report it. Quotes from those with a dog in the fight are merely openers to the main event: truth. This principle of mine is what inspired this site’s name.

Working off assigned leads, often without sources, I scour the world of web for information, evidence, legal documents and facts prior to reaching out to sources. I interview people in a wide range of circumstances, write copy for publications on a tight deadline, fact-check information and craft articles based on my research and interviews.

As Aristotle said, “Energy of the mind is the essence of life.” My mind is a locomotive on an infinite track locked in at full speed.

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For mind nourishment and entertainment, I also pen cheeky blogs about trending topics with a laid back and relatable voice.


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Now that I’ve told you a little about me, connect with me and let me know how I can help you. Let’s create together.